Driven by the strong zeal to offer something unique and exceptional to the residents of Bangladesh, Rakeen Development Company was founded under the leadership and guidance of visionaries like Mr. S A K Ekramuzzaman in 2008. Rakeen is an Arabic word that means “Central Pillar” or Trustworthy Support”. As we embark upon our quest to redefine comfort, luxury and security in the real estate sector in Bangladesh, we pledge to be the pillar of trust and reliability in terms of quality and commitment.

Home is where the heart is. At Rakeen we believe just a roof over the head constrained by four walls do not portray the real meaning of a dream home.

The warmth of home, the refreshing sprawling greeneries around, soothing and pleasing ambiance, like-minded and friendly neighbors, the convenience of everyday needs within reach and so many things around and beyond are required to transform a house to a complete dream home to live in, cherish and enjoy. At Rakeen our objective is not to provide merely a house to live in but to offer a complete lifestyle destination to our home owners surrounded by an aura of luxury. We provide world class amenities and design perfect solution for the entire family keeping in mind the needs and desires of all age groups.

With a promise of world class living standards, we are firmly focused on offering our residents a quality lifestyle with respect to comfort, luxury and most importantly security thereby providing complete value for money. We consistently maintain the highest standard of quality at all levels of our construction work to strictly adhere to our core value. To add on to that, Rakeen for the first time in the history of Bangladesh, has appointed an internationally acclaimed foreign construction company to deliver the entire construction work for a residential project.

The entire workforce at Rakeen is committed to set new benchmarks in all aspects of their service and is determined to take customer satisfaction and customer relationship to new levels altogether. Rakeen, with its clear vision, integrity and exemplary service, in no time, will establish itself as the leader in the real estate industry in Bangladesh and is certainly the most trustworthy brand that everyone can rely upon for safe investment today and also in the future.